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Cobeca Group develops Expo Cobeca 2022

In order to provide greater benefits to its customers

In order to promote business spaces, GRUPO COBECA, a centennial company with 114 years of uninterrupted operations, develops -from May 24 to June 10- EXPO COBECA 2022.

Throughout the country, the most important event of the pharmaceutical industry is held, which begins in the city of Valencia, consecutively: Caracas, Barquisimeto, Barcelona, ​​San Cristóbal and closes in the city of Maracaibo.

According to the VP of the Health Division of GRUPO COBECA, Guillermo Alfredo Belloso, EXPO COBECA is a pioneering event in the national pharmaceutical market that allows the capitalization of sales, special negotiations and attractive commercial discounts for all customers of the different Distribution Centers. of COBECA Drugstores nationwide.

The VP of the Health Division of GRUPO COBECA highlights that this commercial scenario is carried out with the firm purpose of strengthening the commercial relationship between suppliers and customers, supporting sales management, establishing optimal market strategies and maintaining competitiveness in the market. "With events like this, we reiterate our commitment to work hand in hand with our business partners and customers in general to serve the entire country, guaranteeing the excellent quality of our products and services."

EXPO COBECA has the participation of more than 60 allies of the main pharmaceutical companies that make life in Venezuela. “We work as a team, productively and efficiently to maintain strength in the market. We are at the service of Venezuelan society, aiming for success, with the premise of providing health and well-being to all”, assures the VP of the Health Division of GRUPO COBECA, Guillermo Alfredo Belloso.

Customers enjoy opportunities to increase the profitability of their businesses and enjoy a very pleasant day with business partners, who reward their loyalty with wonderful contests and attractive benefits for their purchases.


GRUPO COBECA was created on January 1, 1908, in Maracaibo, with the acquisition of a small Botica (Botica Nueva). To date, it has four Distribution Centers, guaranteeing the supply of medicines and miscellaneous items to more than 2000 pharmacies nationwide. www.grupocobeca.com

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