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Caracas Commodity Exchange invests $120 million in supplies for the plan "The agricultural miracle"

The Venezuelan commodity exchange finances 103 thousand hectares of planting

Daniel Valero Gutiérrez, founder and Chairman, together with Amintore Confalonieri, co-founder and CEO of this initiative, unveiled their startup «CCSCEX | Caracas Commodity Exchange”, which is established as the first commodity exchange in the world to develop and promote an ambitious planting plan aimed at financing Venezuelan producers.

"The Agricultural Miracle" was born after seven years of study in the country, where more than five million hectares were traveled and investigated, of which one million hectares are destined for agriculture and more than four thousand five hundred studies of land that allowed selecting the locations that will be used for the launch of the plan in its first phase.

Amíntore Confalonieri reported on the launch of the “El Milagro Agrícola” plan, which will finance the planting of 103 hectares of white corn, yellow corn, soybeans, and sorghum in the 2022-2023 cycle in partnership with farmers from different states of the country. long history, the Semillas Valle company (which has 52 years in the certified seed industry) and the national and international fertilizer, nanofertilizer and agrochemical companies. The start date for the delivery of inputs to producers for the winter cycle (May-September) 2022 is contemplated for the first days of April 2022, with an initial disbursement of 41,5 million dollars in inputs.

“El Milagro Agrícola” revitalizes the agricultural production sector with an emphasis on the development of 40 hectares for the cultivation of white corn in the winter cycle of 2022 and the creation of more than 20 direct and indirect jobs and the production of more of 250.000 thousand tons of white corn that will be destined for consumption in the national market.

To contact them you can go to www.ccscex.com or on social networks Instagram and Twitter as: @ccscex