Banco Bicentenario teaches grandparents to handle digital applications

As part of the new incorporation of the Tu Banca Móvil service, Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo has implemented a personalized care plan for older adults, with workshops that seek to familiarize these users with the use of digital banking tools.

This is how this Wednesday the first Training Workshop aimed at retirees and pensioners was held, for the use of the new application "Your Mobile Banking" (Interbank Mobile Payment), which is aimed at the social leaders of the 22 parishes of Caracas, so that they become multipliers, through their communities, grandparents' clubs and other organizational forms where this important group of users make life.

The activity was led by the president of the Bank, Simón Zerpa, who pointed out, “This activity aims to have a closer relationship with you, this is your bank and we have to have a space to talk, to discuss, to debate and I invite you to make comments to us because this bank has to grow towards where you tell us and believe it is necessary ”.

“We are ready at your services and ready to give everything so that this truly is the bank par excellence for the pensioners of the Nation. We want to develop specific products for our grandparents that are useful for you, that allow you to work with agility and that have an impact on the economic development of you and your family, ”Zerpa pointed out.

Additionally, the Banco Bicentenario team made a presentation about the benefits of the financing programs that the Bank has been developing throughout the country to promote the productive forces that are being organized from the Bases through the Communes, MinMujer, the transportation sector, among others, which seeks to allow older adults who also have productive initiatives to join financing programs such as CrediFuturo.

During the day, topics such as:

· How to join the Bicentennial Online?

· How to join the Tu Banca Móvil Service

Credifuturo benefits



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