Banco Bicentenario serves the population in the flexible week

The Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo has at its disposal this week of flexibility for all its users the network of agencies distributed throughout the national territory from 9:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon. 

Until Friday, March 12, the multidisciplinary team of the financial institution will serve all users who wish to withdraw cash from ATMs and lockers, request account statements, update data, services such as personal account openings and legal, among others.

It is important to note that all people who wish to enter the Banco Bicentenario facilities must comply with biosecurity measures to prevent the contagion and spread of Covid-19, such as mandatory use of a mask and maintain social distancing to guarantee the protection of all and all our users.

All electronic channels are 100% operational so that from the comfort and safety of their community they can make transfers to third parties, other banks and Mobile Payment. Additionally, throughout the national territory there are points of sale and ATMs available and accessible for digital banking transactions.



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