Alibaba? How does it work?

Interest in Alibaba is not so recent in Venezuela. Although in these last two years this product sales page created in China seems to have aroused more curiosity in these lands; since 2005 there are records in the country of different searches to find out about this platform such as "Alibaba","Alibaba Venezuela"And"How to buy on Alibaba from Venezuela”, Showing a progressive inclination to obtain answers to all the doubts about this online market of the Asian giant.

The first Google search peak for the term Alibaba in Venezuela occurred in August 2020, falling in December of that year, but rising again in January 2021, until registering more interest in July 2021. Regarding searches by state, Miranda, Carabobo, Yaracuy, Anzoátegui and Monagas are those that appear as the regions where there was a greater interest in this Chinese online market.

As for the mention in Google of the term Alibaba Venezuela, in February 2021 it had the highest peak. The inhabitants of the country most interested in knowing more about this platform were found in Carabobo, Miranda, Bolívar, Aragua and Lara. While the question of how to buy on Alibaba from Venezuela, according to the Google Trends tool, August 2020 was when it was most registered in the country.

"Good evening. Has anyone had experiences with the Alibaba sales page? " “Hello, has anyone from here shopped in China? By Alibaba or some other page? How has your experience been ', how do you know who to trust', how is the issue of shipping? ”. "And in another vein, has anyone brought things with Alibaba to explain to me how I can do it and how long does it take for orders to arrive in Venezuela? Thank you ”, are some of the doubts about this wholesale online market that the famous Facebook group Someone knows? Venezuela It has been registered since 2016. And it is that many Venezuelans want to know how to eat that.

Alibaba, the leading platform of the Alibaba Group or Alibaba Group, is one of the largest online wholesale markets in the world that was founded in 1999 by English teacher Jack Ma, originally from Hangzhou, and currently the richest man in China.

Jack Ma, owner of Alibaba and the richest man in China

On this website, which is not a retail shopping site like Amazon, e-Bay or Aliexpress (also owned by Alibaba Group), millions of companies, merchants and importers (natural or legal) from all over the world interact daily. with Chinese and foreign suppliers and manufacturers, fulfilling, according to the Alibaba Group's mission, the objective of "facilitating business anywhere", leaving behind those exclusive fairs only for large entrepreneurs, in which they could find the best prices and products. for your brands or businesses.

This page has made these negotiations so simple, that you only need a computer with Internet and register in to be able to connect you with millions of Chinese and foreign suppliers and manufacturers that offer hundreds of millions of products, in more than ten different main categories, presented in a huge virtual catalog, including articles for agriculture, raw or processed foods ; clothing, bedding, curtains, towels, textiles; cars, motorcycles, spare parts; bags, shoes and accessories; electronics; electrical equipment, components and telecommunications; sports gifts, clothing, apparel and accessories; toys; products for health, beauty and home; lighting and building materials; machinery, industrial parts and tools; metallurgy, chemicals, plastics; packaging, advertising and office supplies.

The product catalog is so large that you can spend days comparing prices, quality, and consulting the supplier all your doubts about a single item.

And how do you do it in Venezuela?

Perhaps the most recurrent doubts of those registered in the Facebook group Does anyone know? Venezuela about buying on are: the security of buying in this online wholesale market and the shipment of the purchase to Venezuela. "Hello! Does anyone know or is it a crack in purchases by Alibaba? I want to make a purchase but I'm scared, especially shipping to Venezuela, Help! ”Yenny wrote in August 2016.

Alibaba's home

Although Yenny did not receive the answer she was looking for at the time, on the contrary, she was encouraged to buy in more "reliable" places such as Amazon or e-Bay, it does not have to be scary to buy from Alibaba from our country. It is very similar to any e-commerce company.

Once registered on this platform and identified the suppliers of the product to be purchased, we must look at some aspects that will ensure the purchase. The most reliable Alibaba sellers are those who have a good rating from their buyers, almost 100% positive opinions about the product and the purchase; as well as being a verified supplier or “Verified supplier”, gold supplier or “Gold supplier” and having the commercial guarantee or Trade Assurance ”.

To qualify a supplier as a “Verified supplier”, the company's profile, production capabilities, products and its process controls must be inspected, evaluated and verified by third parties to ensure a reliable and consistent experience on . While "Gold supplier" is a membership that is paid to Alibaba and that ensures that the company is legally incorporated.

Here a product from a verified supplier, «Verified supplier»

In the video of Latim Cargo, one of several Venezuelan companies that are in charge of receiving the merchandise in China and bringing it to Venezuela for our clients door to door, its direct offers several tips on how to navigate Alibaba reliably.

As for the commercial guarantee, this is a payment that you can choose when you are closing the negotiation with your Alibaba supplier, and that guarantees that the specifications of the product offered are the real ones, as well as the duration of production and the value of the shipment.

Regarding the shipment of purchases made by Alibaba to Venezuela, there are companies in the country that take care of it, either by ship or plane. The price and time will depend on either of these two modalities, the size and weight of the package. You will need the address of the warehouse in China of the company that you will hire for the shipment, so that the supplier takes your purchase to that place.

Shipments by ship, depending on the season, can have a frequency from monthly to every ten days; and the time it takes from departure to destination can vary from two months to two and a half months. While shipments by air, which can have a weekly frequency, arrive in the country in a few days.

Everyone on Alibaba has the same opportunities

According to the story of the Alibaba Group told by its own founders, from the beginning they always believed that the Internet would allow small companies to compete with the largest in both national and international markets; and this is what has happened in recent years.

In the catalog, manufacturers of different sizes compete under the same conditions, as well as buyers from at least 190 countries in the world, who have access to the same purchase opportunity regardless of where they are located, whether they are dedicated or not. to trade or import, and if they are a legal or natural person.

Since the launch of, its first online marketplace "to help small and medium-sized companies in China to sell to other countries," the Alibaba Group has not stopped growing. Among its best known brands is AliExpress, which many people often confuse with Alibaba, however this online trading website, which was launched in 2010, is more like Amazon.

Alibaba Group includes other online service companies

Taobao, another Alibaba Group product, is a Chinese local online marketplace launched in 2003 and in which its bidders are individuals and small businesses; while "Lazada", launched in 2012, is an e-commerce platform that has seen great growth in Southeast Asia, connecting consumers with local SMEs and regional brands.

1688 is another online trading website of this group that offers online shopping and transaction services “connecting manufacturers and wholesale sellers with wholesale buyers in China who typically trade in clothing, accessories, electronics and computers, packaging materials, home decor and furniture materials, among others ”.

Alibaba Group also has other products such as "Dingtalk" collaboration workplace and application development platform. "Millions of businesses and users use DingTalk to stay connected and work remotely." And “Red Cainiao”, an intelligent logistics network that meets “the Alibaba Group's logistics vision of fulfilling consumer orders in 24 hours in China and in 72 hours elsewhere in the world”.

The Alibaba Group also owns "", a mobile commerce platform launched in 2008, which "meets the ever-growing consumer demand for high-quality products and a premium shopping experience"; as well as 'Freshippo', Alibaba Group's autonomous retail chain that was launched in 2016 and offers a 30-minute store-to-door delivery service to consumers living within a three kilometer radius of it. "

"ELE.ME", which means "Are you hungry?" in Chinese, it is an application for ordering meals, food, groceries, consumer goods, flowers and pharmaceuticals online from the Alibaba Group; and "Youku" is the third leading online long-form video platform in China in terms of monthly active users also owned by this successful Chinese company. "It enables users to find, view and share high-quality video content quickly and easily across multiple devices."

Also, Alibaba Group owns Alimama, launched in 2007, which is Alibaba Group's monetization platform. AND Alibaba Cloud, which “offers a complete set of cloud services to customers around the world, including elastic computing, databases, storage, network virtualization, large-scale computing, security, administration and applications, big data analytics and machine learning platform services ”., the leading page of the Alibaba Group, was positioned in 2020 as China's leading international integrated online wholesale market by revenue, according to British consulting firm Analysys.

Also, according to Alibaba Group, "in the 12 months ending March 31, 2021, more than 34 million buyers from approximately 190 countries obtained business opportunities or completed transactions on"



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