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Bet safe and win with the #1 Sportbook in Venezuela

Sports, parley, slots, live casino, horse racing and more

If you are passionate about games of chance and you like to monetize your sports knowledge, it is time for you to start betting in a safe and fun way in the new Sportbook de Venezuela, On our platform you can multiply your money through an online casino, horse racing, parleys, esports and more.

The site provides a fast and exciting online gaming experience. You can guess who will win in the daily commitments of the MLB, NBA and NFL, or simply put together a 5 and 6 national and international races, all from the comfort of your home. 

Do you want to know how the Sportbook of Venezuela works? What are the game conditions and the maximum winnings you can withdraw daily? We have prepared this article to clear your doubts. 

Spaceman, hippies and more: What is

The Sportsbook of Líder is a totally secure online betting page, which has the support of the Group Últimas Noticias and Líder en Deportes, the most widely read and traditional sports newspaper in the country.

It has a license that allows it to be part of the National Sports Betting Network INH of Venezuela, which differentiates it from others of its kind.

The Sportsbook of Líder it has everything you need to bet and win. Let's see:


Blackjack, poker, roulette (Italian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, etc.), baccarat and modern slot machines with graphics in optimal resolution are some of the games in which you can bet in complete safety.

There are more than 50 slots and more than 80 game tables that you can access by simply registering on the web ( and follow a few short steps from your phone, tablet or computer. There are slots about gems, diamonds, fruits and more.

Spaceman, the new online sensation

Do you think that a trip to space can make you money? Of course it is possible with Spaceman, the new interactive game that has become the latest innovation in online betting. It is about an astronaut that flies and multiplies your earnings in real time. 

With Spaceman you can decide how much you want to earn. While the astronaut is flying, you have the manual option to stop it and keep the winnings you see on the screen, or simply wait for a meteorite to fall and stop it.


If sports are your thing, then in the Venezuela Sportbook you can put together parleys for soccer, basketball (NBA, NCAA and Euroleague), baseball (MLB, LVBP, college students), American football (NFL) and ice hockey.

You can also do the same with tennis, boxing, MMA, volleyball and even table tennis. You have different methods to bet: direct winner, high/low, first half winner and handicap (full and half time).

National and international horse riding

In the case of horse riding, you can put together your 5 and 6 of the races of La Rinconada, Valencia and Rancho Alegre; as well as auctions, tricetas, pool of 4, exact, super perfect, equestrian cock and more from international racetracks.

The best thing is that you can watch the races in real time without leaving the platform. 

What requirements do I need to bet on the Sportsbook of Líder?

The first and great requirement sine qua non is to be of legal age, otherwise you will not be able to enter into any binding agreement with

Furthermore, all the bets you make in the Sportbook de Venezuela must be in your name and not in the name of a third party. The other necessary requirements are an email, a phone number and a bank account in your name.

How to register in

Now that you know what the basic requirements are, all you have to do is open the Sportbook website from Líder and register. These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Within the web, press the "Registration" option that is located in the lower right part.
  1. Lí It will redirect you to a new tab in which you must write your identity card, select a currency (bolívares or dollars), put an alias, email, telephone number and define a password.
  1. The system will ask you to enter a code that will be sent to you by mail and another by phone.
  1. Once this is done, you will be in the main menu. In it you will see several tabs: sports, international horses, deposits, withdrawals and your balance in bolivars.

It is essential that you validate the code that will arrive on your phone, otherwise you will not be able to make any movement within the page. In addition, you should only have one account with a person. The creation of accounts with false names is totally prohibited.

The Sportbook regulation states that any user must provide all the information requested to manage their account within a period of ten days, including verification of the funds deposited or their identity. Being a product created by a company with experience such as Líderplatforms, sports book ensures that all movements are made under the framework of transparency.

The requirements include the transaction history of the payment methods used within a year, including bank details or debit or credit cards.

How to deposit funds and how to withdraw profits?

In the Sportbook of Venezuela you can deposit funds in bolivars via mobile payment or transfers, as well as the USDT (Theter) cryptocurrency, which has a 1-1 parity with the dollar.

Once you open your account in the Sportbook, you are accepting that the financial operations connected to your account will be processed directly by and a banking platform (the one you use).

You only have to go to the "Deposit" tab and follow the steps indicated by the platform, being able to choose the recharge methods (bank transfer, mobile payment, etc.), as long as they are available on the web.

Assuming that you entered Bs. 500 to the platform, you won and now you have Bs. 2.000, you can go to the "Withdrawal" section and follow the already automated route that the web presents to you.

Of course, you can only have one pending withdrawal in your account. When the release of the funds is finished, you can request another one. And so on. 

And since we mentioned withdrawals, you should know that it works on a cumulative time system. In these tips we explain its main characteristics.

  • Withdrawal requests are processed by the company within 3 business days.
  • Identity verification will be required to withdraw from $1 to $2.000.
  • From $2.000 to $6.000, proof of address, authenticated documentation and any other document required by the provider responsible for sending the money will be requested.
  • If you wish to withdraw $6.000 or more, you will receive a call from an agent to verify if everything previously provided is correct. 

Another important thing to know is that all withdrawals will be credited to the same account from which you made the deposit.

What are the maximum profits that you can obtain in the Sportbook of Venezuela?

Although the maximum earnings are quoted in dollars, the equivalent in bolivars will be applied to make the payment, as established in the regulations.

Whichever sport you win at, the maximum win in the 24 hour period is $500, regardless of whether it is a multiple bet – such as parley – involving multiple events.

Si determines that it has reason to believe that a user places equal combination bets containing the same selections (parley) to circumvent the maximum win limits, in the end the payment of all those bets will be limited to a single payment.

What are the consequences of creating a fake or duplicate account?

Being a legally constituted and transparent Sportbook, reserves the right to close one or all accounts without any compensation, in addition to applying the following sanctions:

  • Any action performed on a duplicate account will be considered invalid.
  • Winnings from duplicate accounts will be voided.
  • All withdrawals made from a duplicate account must be returned to the company.
  • Complete closure of any duplicate account, without the right to be reactivated.

Advantages of betting on Lí

As the main feature of the Sportbook of Líder We underline the high security standards that the page has. Personal data is protected and will not be disclosed to third parties. In addition to that, our platform has:

  • Possibility to register and bet easily.
  • It is a company legally constituted by a traditional brand that gives it its solidity.
  • Keeps client funds separate from company funds. In case the company declares bankruptcy, user funds are safe and will be returned.
  • Sometimes the company gives bonuses of up to 30% for lost balance.
  • You can bet from anywhere, you just need an internet connection.
  • Wide variety of bets. It is not limited to just one sport.

Ready to try your luck? Spin the wheel today.

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