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With textile technology, casinos face the pandemic

In Italy, the name Abbiati Casino Equipment is widely recognized. Founded by Giovanni Abbiati, who sadly passed away in November 2021, the Italian family business has specialized in the production of equipment for casinos. Whether it's chips, poker tables, roulette wheels or other equipment, renowned casinos trust Abbiati. But what did he offer this industry to face the pandemic that paralyzed the world?

Casino then and now – more games in the online casino

The popularity of the game is not new, people love to gamble and have done so for centuries. But in the modern world, things have changed and you no longer need an established casino to play. Websites like www.casinos-online.es They clearly show how big the offer of online casinos in Venezuela has become. The big difference with a casino is that you do not need to visit an establishment, but you can play directly at home, on your smartphone or on your PC.

The advantages are obvious, especially the flexibility of online offers. However, the impressive feeling that arises in well-appointed and often very specially furnished houses cannot be recreated virtually. Therefore, many game fans do not opt ​​for online or offline, but use both offers. The night at the casino for experiences and special moments, the offer on the Internet for quick play in between and the excitement at home.

The Covid-19 pandemic changes the needs of casinos

In an interview with the CEO of Abbiati Casino Equipment, it became clear that the Covid-19 pandemic has also brought about a big change for the tradition-conscious casino equipment manufacturer. Many casinos were affected by months of closures, unable to admit players due to hygiene regulations, and had to have protective measures in place when they reopened.

The pandemic situationis not over yet, which has led this company to develop new products. Together with the HeiQ company, the company has set out to develop antimicrobial products for the individual protection of gaming tables. The Abbiati microfiber cloths stand out, which in addition to being flame retardant are resistant to water.

The tablecloths are made with the HeiQ V-Block technology, developed in Switzerland, and protect against contamination by viruses and bacteria. Independent institutes have tested the technology and found it effective against the coronavirus.

This is a great advantage for established casinos, since the technology used is already used in the production of medical clothing and masks. No special care is required, but the risk of surface contamination can be greatly reduced. At present, HeiQ technology can only protect textiles, but work is underway to protect chips and table tops in the future.

Online gaming is stronger also due to the pandemic situation

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the behavior of the game changed, especially in Europe, according to Abbiati. Here, the number of those seeking online gambling substitutes grew rapidly. Some countries were more affected by this, including Germany, since legal online gambling is possible here for the first time since July 1, 2021.

Abbiati itself operates throughout the world, with an important focus also on the Caribbean and South American countries, because here the development of casinos is not yet complete. The clientele from Aruba or the Caicos Islands have been a faithful business partner for Abbiati for many years. But there are also numerous regular customers in large parts of Europe who rely on the Italian manufacturer's expertise.

An expansion is expected in Venezuela and Brazil

Abbiati eagerly awaits the regulation of gambling in Venezuela and Brazil. If the framework conditions for political control are in place, the company expects significant growth. With legalization and regulation, the presence of gaming establishments could increase considerably, which would naturally also increase the need for adequate equipment. For Abbiati, this is an important market that the company follows closely.

However, the focus is currently on the already regulated countries of South America and the Caribbean. Because here, almost two years after the start of the pandemic, the casinos are reopening, there are numerous new projects and the need for hygiene concepts is still there due to the continuing threat of the coronavirus.