Banco del Tesoro expands electronic channels to facilitate operations

The Treasury Bank expanded its electronic services to facilitate the daily operations of its almost three million clients, especially during the quarantine decreed in the country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In addition to the website, the entity has instant payment applications, through smartphones and analog phones; balance consultation services, points of sale, and keeps its telephone, email or social media channels open to guarantee everyone's attention, a press release reviewed.

Among the various channels and services that the banking institution has available to customers are:

  • Treasure Mobile Payment: This application allows you to send and receive payments between individuals immediately, regardless of the bank to which it belongs. The daily limit is Bs. 60.000.000,00. Those interested can download the app in the Play Store, with the name Tesoro Pago Móvil.
  • Tesoro Commercial Mobile Payment: It allows making payments between natural persons and affiliated businesses immediately, regardless of the bank to which it belongs. The daily limit is Bs. 100.000.000,00. It can also be downloaded from the Play Store, under the name Tesoro Pago Móvil.
  • Tesoro Mobile Payment SMS: It is the same application for instant payment to any financial institution, but through text messages to include those who only have analog cell phones. Interested parties must affiliate through the bank's website.
  • Once affiliated, use the application as follows: Send a text message to the number 2383 and write: pay, followed by the first four digits of the destination bank, the beneficiary's cell phone number, type of Venezuelan customer (V), (E) foreign and (J) legal, beneficiary ID, amount followed by a comma and two decimal places, like this: 100,00 and then one of the codes on the coordinate card.
  • BT Mobile: It is the application that allows you to make balance inquiries, transfers and payments to the Banco del Tesoro credit cards. It is available for smartphones and tablets, through download in the virtual stores Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).
  • Electronic Community Kiosk: It is a device with which up to a thousand businesses can join the same point of sale. Until now, kiosks have been installed in popular areas or in towns without banking services, such as Macaira, Cazorla and San Juan de los Morros, in Guárico; Catia La Mar, in La Guaira; La Azulita, Mérida; Mamporal, in Miranda and Caripito, in Monagas.
  • Balance inquiry by text message: It is a service in which customers can immediately check the amount available in their bank accounts or on the food card of the Banco del Tesoro. To use it, you must send a text message to the number 2383 and write only the initials “CSC” (Check Account Balance) or “CSA” (Check Food Balance).
  • Pre-opening of accounts: This service was enabled on the website to speed up the activation of savings or checking accounts.
  • Points of sale: Devices that allow you to pay with debit, credit and food cards from all banks in the country. Currently, the BT has more than 16.000 points. The daily limit is Bs. 100.000.000,00.
  • Mobile SMS BT: This tool keeps customers informed about their movements and transactions when using the bank's debit cards.
  • Unlimited transfer: Through this service, unlimited transfers are allowed to own or third party accounts of the same banking institution. This applies to natural and legal persons who must transfer from their BT savings and current accounts to others of the same financial institution.
  • Transfer of the feeding card to accounts: With this service, customers can transfer the balance of their food card (TDA) from Banco del Tesoro to one of their accounts at the same financial institution.
  • Customer Support: The BT has its telephone line 0800-BTESORO (0800-2837676) every day of the year.

Likewise, the social media accounts @bcodeltesoro, on Twitter and Instagram and Banco del Tesoro Oficial on Facebook are active for those who need to make a request.

Emails were also enabled [Email protected] y [Email protected] to meet customer requirements.

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