Gerber is looking for a baby in Venezuela

The Swiss multinational Nestlé, owner of the American brand of compotes Gerber, has resumed in Venezuela the famous contest from the United States in which a baby is chosen, among thousands of participants, to be the image for one year of this popular producer of infant foods, in addition to other prizes that vary depending on the economic conditions of each country, from the monthly delivery of articles made by this company, to scholarships and checks between 25.000 and 50.000 US dollars.

In the country, although there is no record in the Nestlé website Of the times this event has been held, its exact start date, or the names of the winning infants, an Internet and social media search revealed the possibility that the first event was held between 2003 and 2004. No However, it is in 2007, the same year that this company of Swiss origin acquires the rights to the American company of products for infants, that the winner is presented for the first time in a mass media, in the Sensational Saturday program, transmitted by the Venevisión channel, the 9-month-old Fabián Zambrano from Caracas, who today could be about 14 years old.

Gerber Baby Contest

The Gerber Baby contest, the largest baby casting contest in the United States and other countries in the world, began in 1928. According to the gerber portalThat year, the company decided to organize an event to find the face that would be the image in a baby food campaign. American artist Dorothy Hope Smith entered the contest with a simple charcoal drawing of a baby's face with lively eyes, tousled hair and a gaping mouth.

Ann Turner Cook is the baby who inspired artist Dorothy Hope Smith to enter the first Gerber Baby contest in 1928

Smith's drawing, which appeared to be unfinished, competed with elaborate oil paintings, but the judges fell in love with the artist's baby face. The illustration became so popular that Gerber adopted it as its official trademark in 1931. Since then, it is the image found on all Gerber packaging and advertisements. The identity of the baby, however, was kept secret for 40 years, until 1978.

In a survey conducted throughout the United States, according to the portal of the baby food company, people speculated about the identity of the Gerber baby. "The guesswork ranged from movie stars Humphrey Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor to Senator Bob Dole." Over the years it was rumored that actress Jane Seymour was the Gerber Baby. However, the face that popularized that brand was that of the mystery novelist and retired English teacher. Ann turner cook, 94 years old, and who was a neighbor of artist Dorothy Hope Smith.

The new Gerber generation

In a timeline which tells the story of the Gerber baby food company in six stages, it is recorded that in 2011 the first photo contest Gerber generation in the United States, in which they begin to search for the brand's annual “baby spokesperson”, winning the baby Mercy Townsend, two years old, of African American origin and a native of the state of Ohio.

Mercy Townsed is the first winner of the 2011 Gerber Photo Search contest, held for the first time that year.

This contest, which has been held annually without interruption, has stood out for the phenotypic diversity of the winners, totally different from the official image of Gerber products, the blonde baby with blue eyes, of the typical American upper-middle class family.

The Spokesbaby GerberThis year's Gerber Photo Search XNUMX winner is the baby Zane kahin, from the state of Florida, an infant with Latino features, with dark hair and eyes. His mother, who was not assured by doctors that she could stay healthy after undergoing chemotherapy and a double mastectomy at the age of XNUMX, managed to conceive him naturally without any complications.

Lucas Warren, winner of the 2018 Gerber Photo Search, is the first Gerber Baby with Down Syndrome

The stories of the Spokesbaby Gerber The years 2020 and 2018 also attracted the attention of the American press. Magnolia Earl, from the state of California, who won the Gerber Photo Search 2020 at the age of one year, is an African-American infant who was adopted by Courtney and Russel Earl, a Caucasian American couple; while Lucas Warren from Georgia, who won the 2018 Gerber Photo Search at the age of one, is a smiling blond with Down Syndrome, the first baby with this condition to win this contest. His mother never believed he would make it, despite her decision to enroll him in the event.

In Venezuela, in addition to Caracas Fabian Zambrano, a chubby man with brown hair and eyes, who won the Gerber Baby photo contest in 2007; only babies have been registered in programs and press releases Flavia salimas, a baby with dark eyes and abundant brown hair, from Falcón state, winner in 2008; Carlos Delgado, a blond baby with blue eyes, from Anzoátegui state, winner in 2010; and Jorge Luis Rodriguez, from Carabobo state, winner in 2011.

Carlos Delgado in the Gerber Baby Venezuela 2010. Photo

Although the Gerber brand has been in the country for many years, no more babies are known to have participated and won the contest before Nestlé's acquisition of the famous compotes in 2007, however, there is a record that the producer of the program Sensational Saturday, Ricardo Pena, who died in September 2009, was a Gerber baby in Argentina, his native country.

Gerber Baby Contest 2022

If your child is between seven and 24 months old, and you want him to be the new image of Gerber products in Venezuela, you can enroll him in the Gerber Baby contest 2022 until October 31 of this year, buying four compotes of this brand, of 113 grams, apple, mango, pear, plum, peach, mixed fruit or banana flavor, in the establishments identified with the promotion.

You will have to scan the purchase invoice and take the best photo of your baby of his face and another of his entire body (which must have a maximum size of 4MG) to enter them, along with other information that they will ask you, in the section "Contest GERBER® Baby ”from page

Among the prizes that the selected baby will win are:

  • A tray of twenty-four Gerber strains from a 113gr jar of the available flavor, per month for one year.
  • Four 225g bags of Nestum, of the available flavor.
  • Contract for one year, during the year 2022 (from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022), as an image of the digital channels (Instagram and Facebook of @babyandmeve and website
  • Physical calendar, a single delivery.
  • Gerber Baby 2022 Acrylic Trophy, a single delivery.
  • Acrylic trophy for the winning baby's pediatrician, a single delivery.

A further 12 finalists will also be selected in different categories. The winners will be announced on the @babyandmeve social media (Instagram and Facebook) on Thursday, December 9, 2021.



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