Farmatodo confirms its commitment to the prevention of diabetes

Within the framework of the commemoration of World Diabetes Day, celebrated on November 14 of each year, the pharmacy chain Farmatodo, through its Corporate Social Responsibility program “We Take Care of Your Health”, joins the virtual programming carried out by Fenadiabetes, National Federation of Associations and Diabetes Units, with the aim of sensitizing and informing the population about this condition.

The X National Diabetes Congress “Dra. Ana García ”will be a virtual congress in which Farmatodo will participate as a sponsor, where Dr. Mónica Guzmán, director of Institutional Relations of Pharmacy at Farmatodo, will be presenting on November 14 the talk entitled“ Self-medication in Covid and its complications. How the pharmacist helps ”, the talk will focus on the topic of self-medication and the consequences for patients with the condition of diabetes, and the risk factor of these. 

Dr. Mónica Guzmán comments that, since 2015, “Farmatodo, together with all its healthcare pharmacists, have been carrying out a social commitment program that aims to emphasize the prevention and treatment of the two pathologies with the highest incidence and morbidity in Venezuela: diabetes and hypertension ”.  

The Cuidamos Tu Salud program provides pharmaceutical advice on the prevention and control of diabetes and hypertension, it offers assistance from pharmacists specializing in diabetes and hypertension which is completely free, for this it has educational talks, screening sessions and a Pharmaceutical Care Service that is carried out in the pharmacy dedicated to the monitoring and control of the treatment of patients enrolled in the program, the detection of possible adverse reactions and interactions between medicines, medicines - foods, that patients ingest, it is carried out held by the attending physician.

During the period from July 2020 to September 2020, the program has attended and favored a total of 19.679 people, 504 activities have been carried out to measure blood pressure in the pharmacy for a total of 719 health activities, 215 educational and preventive talks , incorporating into the service 107 pharmacies, 43 in Greater Caracas and 64 in the interior of the country, managing to add 1509 new patients registered to be cared for by the 69 specialist pharmacists, obtaining personalized attention and follow-up with patients who have medical treatment with the purpose of helping them control their condition and lead a better quality of life.

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