Farmatodo and L'Oreal Paris allies in the fight against breast cancer

Detecting it early is the key, that is why each year the month of October has been chosen worldwide to raise awareness about the timely detection of breast cancer; prevention and self-exploration should not be forgotten. On this occasion, L'Oréal Paris and Farmatodo Venezuela in alliance with the SenosAyuda foundation, invite you to be a multiplier of this message, so that it reaches many women.

From October 01 to 31, in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness month, each sale made in the Farmatodo chain of any L'Oréal Paris product, both brands will be contributing a percentage to the SenosAyuda Foundation for studies of mammography, which will benefit early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer.

Touch yourself so that it does not touch you, detecting breast cancer is in your hands, now more than ever, united we are more, for this reason L'Oréal Paris and Farmatodo firmly bet on the importance of creating awareness and supporting SenosAyuda; a non-profit association that develops screening activities for the early detection of breast cancer, encourages counseling and emotional support activities for patients and their families.

L'Oréal Paris, together with Farmatodo, create this significant alliance with the SenosAyuda foundation so that this initiative continues to add value allies to this noble cause every day.

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