Bancoex celebrates 25 years of history in the export market

The Foreign Trade Bank (Bancoex) has been founded for 25 years at the service of the country's export sector, and has become a benchmark for foreign trade by placing the name of Venezuela in major international markets.

This financial entity was created on July 12, 1996, in order to promote the promotion of exports of national goods and services from the public and private business sector of the country.

In this sense, the President of Bancoex, Econ. Guillermo Lara, pointed out that this institution is the EximBank of Venezuela, and develops financial instruments that contribute to the growth of the productive sector of Venezuela.

"Bancoex is a financial institution that is celebrating its 25th anniversary, fostering and promoting Venezuelan exports, guaranteeing the greatest presence of companies in the different scenarios of the world," Lara said.

He explained that the bank participates in forums, international fairs, business conferences and trade missions, whose platforms allow promoting the export sector abroad and opening scenarios to establish business opportunities.

He indicated that the institution designed various financial products to promote Venezuelan items with export quality within and outside our borders.

Likewise, he stressed that it also offers non-financial products such as Market Studies, Logistics Profile, Country Profile, Calendar of Events and Courses, among other tools that contribute to the strengthening of foreign trade.

Likewise, Lara Toro emphasized that Bancoex has promoted, in these two and a half decades, the presence of businessmen and entrepreneurs in important markets in Europe, the United States, Asia and South America, positioning Venezuelan products.

Within the framework of the 25th anniversary, this financial entity also conducts virtual training courses for potential and future exporters, as one of the alternatives to provide the necessary tools to this sector, as well as to strengthen their skills and knowledge.

On the other hand, the head of Bancoex expressed his gratitude to the Bancoex workforce during these years, inviting them to continue in their functions with the professionalism that characterizes them.

“Thank you for maintaining your commitment to the institution, despite having traveled difficult paths in times of a pandemic, the work has not stopped, that shows the commitment you have with the institution. He exhorted them to continue with the professionalism, and dedication that characterizes them in each of their functions ”, he stressed.

It is important to highlight that Bancoex is committed to strengthening the national productive apparatus, which is why it offers opportunities to new producers, entrepreneurs or businessmen who require the economic boost to achieve the export of their products.



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