Banco de Venezuela advances in its digital transformation

Banco de Venezuela changes the image of its BDVenlínea personas platform, adds new functionalities, and favors self-management, through the BovedaenlíneaBDV application, which incorporates the updating of the mobile number affiliated with Clavemóvil, to meet customer demand.

In this sense, the appearance of the Internet Banking login is released and the position of its main menu changes, which now has a horizontal display, in order to provide better navigability to users who enter through mobile devices or computer.

Also, to these improvements, is added the possibility of establishing frequently used devices when entering BDVenlínea people and the incorporation of change of security questions and answers to the option Self-management single user so that the client can perform this configuration, without need to access the platform.

BóvedaenlíneaBDV is powered by reliable and secure self-management

Customers can update their cell phone number affiliated with Clavemóvil without having to go to a bank office. In this sense, the user only has to enter BóvedaenlíneaBDV, from the official website of the Bank, choose the People option, enter their username and password, authenticate as a BDV client and select the Parameterization> Mobile password option. Then you must register the new number and finally you will receive the notification that the process was successful.

Additionally, this application incorporates instant notifications of operations carried out from Online Banking and the simplification of authentication methods as a BDV client.

The first bank in the country adapts to this new digital era and evolves together with its clients, who set the course for each of the improvements made. This is how the legacy of the visionary Hugo Chávez and President Nicolás Maduro is fulfilled, of serving the heroic people and meeting their needs.

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