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The Ciudad Bolívar Olympic pool complex is almost ready

High-performance athletes and swimming schools will have, in the coming days, new and modern spaces

The governor of Bolívar, Ángel Marcano, announced that by the month of June, the Olympic swimming pool complex, located in Ciudad Bolívar, Angostura del Orinoco municipality, will be fully operational for the population.

The regional president carried out the last inspection of the aquatic complex, accompanied by the president of Inviobras, Patricia Cabrera, and part of his cabinet.

He explained that the entire hydropneumatic pump system was changed, as part of the total recovery of the sports space.

In this sense, he explained that once the entire pumping system was attended to and the equipment was updated, the aesthetic repair was carried out, which consisted of the removal of all the deteriorated layers and the subsequent installation of new reinforced concrete to avoid leaks.

Currently, work crews install the tile coating on the floor, a material used in swimming pools where high-level competitions are held.

“We did not do it alone, we made it possible thanks to the efforts of brother President Nicolás Maduro, who with his constant support has allowed a true rebirth in the quality of life of Bolivarians,” Marcano commented.

Spaces suitable for high-level competitions

The swimming pool complex has technical specifications, which, once the work is completed, can serve as a stage for national and international competitions.

A total of three pools will be fully enabled by the end of next month, two for swimming and one for ornamental diving.

The Governor also reported that in addition to the swimming pool complex, the Tomás de Heres baseball stadium is also in its final phase of rehabilitation, which is why he highlighted the deployment of the entire regional and local government to consolidate healthy recreational spaces.

“We set out to address several fronts simultaneously, and we are complying with each of them, because the historic capital of the country deserves this and more,” Marcano pointed out.

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