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Raft taken from Ciudad Bolívar will provide water to more than 400 thousand homes

With the incorporation of this new equipment, 100% of the population has piped water.

With the installation of completely new equipment, the Ciudad Bolívar pond that feeds the Bicentenario and Angostura aqueducts of the Angostura del Orinoco municipality was rehabilitated by the state hydrological agency.

Once the water reaches the aqueducts, a whole health dynamic begins, complying with rigorous quality procedures so that it can reach more than 400 thousand Bolivarian homes.

The start-up of the new industrial pumping device was carried out by Governor Ángel Marcano and the president of Hidrobolívar, Daniel Valenzuela, who detailed the technical process carried out on this equipment.

With the incorporation of this new equipment, 100% of the population of Ciudad Bolívar will be able to have drinking water through pipes, so once this pond is operational, monitoring of the automated pressure system will begin to know if they exist or not. leaks in different sectors.

“It is with will, morality and work that we will continue to strengthen the entire drinking water service in the state,” said the governor.

In this sense, the regional authority indicated that all the technical and technological adaptation processes were carried out together with the hydrological personnel and the Ministry for Water, in order to meet the demands and quality levels in the provision of the service.

Marcano also pointed out that for more than 3 years the people of Bolivar suffered the absence of the benefits offered by the water raft due to criminal actions that "were already reported to the Public Ministry to find those responsible for such a similar crime against this noble people."

The president of Hidrobolívar explained that within the operations of the cayapa plan, the reinforcement of the control and monitoring of water leaks is added, to be attended to in real time by specialized crews, for which he called on the communities of Ciudad Bolívar to expose any leaks through the VenApp.

“The success of the work throughout the state is due to the constant support of the people, because they are the ones who, through the 1×10 mechanism, tell us their realities and we are sure that we will cover every request that is made,” Valenzuela sentenced.

Likewise, he pointed out that with this achievement, the hydrological department, in the coming days, will reach 95% attention to requests, as part of plan 95 created by the national leader. 

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