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Black Maternity Hipólita alert 24 hours

A milk bank and a transfunctional unit lead the center

With a transition checkpoint and a department specialized in registering infants, the Hipólita Black Maternity, located in the 11 de Abril parish of San Félix, Bolívar state, has managed to serve a thousand patients weekly.

This center, which has provided 24-hour care to the pregnant female population, up to 24 years of age. For emergency cases, this health center has state-of-the-art equipment and high technology, in addition, it is equipped to offer consultations and thus follow up on each case raised.

Although the maternity hospital is located in San Félix, pregnant women from the 11 parishes of the Caroní municipality are treated at this medical center for free.
In one year, the operation of the Black Hipólita Maternity Hospital in San Félix has doubled its level of care and this is due to the implementation of completely new equipment in the two operating rooms and a hospitalization area for 40 patients.

It has highly trained medical, labor and administrative staff to respond in a timely manner to all types of cases. Especially those that require greater care.

The medical center is part of the Medicines and Medical Supplies Distribution System, so it has a stock that guarantees care in its entire range.

The Milk Bank, Transfusion Unit, and Intermediate Care Unit for neonatology services have been modernized, in addition to being connected to a power plant with capacity for 72 hours, which guarantees the service in its entirety.

milk bank

  • Office hours. From 7 am to 2 pm.
  • Services. Access to the milk bank. It serves approximately 36 mothers, who also receive guidance on the importance of breast milk.
  • Requirements. Mothers must have prior medical authorization so that their neonates can benefit. They monitor donor mothers, who must be negative for HIV and VDRL, not have tattoos or have had hepatitis.
The milk bank is one of the services provided

Transfunctional Unit

  • Office hours. 24 hours.
  • Services. This service is part of permanent care, depending on the case and reality of each patient, which is why it has a multidisciplinary team of specialized doctors to provide immediate answers.


  • Office hours. This department operates from 7 am to 3 pm.
  • Service. It offers the medicine delivery service to pregnant women who make their consultation at this center.
  • Requirement. The patient needs to present the consultation prescription to deliver the medicines.
The pharmacy has been equipped to meet the needs of pregnant women


  • Office hours. Patients requiring care should come from 7 am to 2 pm, for first-time consultations.
  • Services: During the consultation, an ultrasound scan will be performed, with which the pregnant woman will be monitored.
  • Requirements. Patient care will be in order of arrival, at the scheduled time for the consultation.
The rooms were equipped and modernized

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