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Guyana will celebrate the Filven 2023 in May

The magic of reading will seize the inhabitants of the Caroní municipality

The mayor of the Caroní municipality, Tito Oviedo, during a radio contact, announced that the International Book Fair (Filven) will be held in the month of May, in the rescued and remodeled spaces of the center of San Félix in the state of Bolívar.

The mayor pointed out that this news reinforces all the effort they have made for the structural revival of this historic site where the Bolívar square of the Caroní municipality is located.

"Thanks to the support of the Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, today we can say that in the month of May we will hold this fair that will surely generate expectations in all the Guyanese people," said Oviedo.

The highest municipal authority stressed that from his office and in support of Governor Marcano, the strengthening of local culture has been integral since in his opinion the achievement of spaces for the enjoyment of healthy recreation is a fundamental part of creating a sense of cultural belonging.

He also maintained that although they have not defined exact dates, it was defined at a working table with the team of Minister Villegas that it will be in the month of May.

Cultural acts, live music, presentation of emerging talent from the city and other details will be part of the arrangements that the municipality has already been preparing so that all the inhabitants of Ciudad Guayana and its surrounding municipalities can enjoy the event.

The center of San Félix, which was reopened recently, has been an obligatory theme for locals and visitors since, due to its new design, each person must capture through photos, having been in the place, so with the realization of the Filven, the magic of reading will take over the environment in its entirety.

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