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El Cachamay is a natural attraction in the heart of the city

Its spaces have been recovered and improved after being looted during the pandemic

Cachamay Park represents, along with La Llovizna Park, one of the main tourist attractions for the people of Guiana, making it the first point to visit for many tourists and families during their stay in the land of the Guiana massif.

The word Cachamay comes from the Pemón aboriginal language and means “grass that does good”, and the name is accurate, because as soon as you enter the park, and with a single breath of air, combined with the view that the place gives you , can make you understand how great nature is and fill you with pure energy.

The park is located on Guayana Avenue. It combines a family and sports scene, as its green areas invite you to picnic and share with the family; It has a cycle path and a space for runners.

The sound of the force of the waterfall, falling from almost a thousand meters, accompanies you throughout the entire journey and, contrary to what one might think, that sound is not negative, as it seems to balance everything inside the person.

Monkeys, squirrels, birds and other species are part of the experience of visiting Cachamay. Many visitors are unaware of the dynamics of sharing with these animals, but at the end of the day they enjoy it and even share food.

Officials from Inparques, the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana and the state police are permanently present throughout the national park, which provides security to the tourist experience for locals and visitors.

The waterfall. The entire route in Cachamay Park gives you the view of the widest waterfall known in Venezuela, which, combined with the natural tunnel created by trees, makes the climate pleasant at all times despite the high temperatures. which the entity always has.

This totally natural combination that delights everyone makes Cachamay Park a national reference when it comes to any sporting, family, cultural and recreational activity.


Currently, the government has undertaken the renovation of all consumption spaces, as well as the creation of a corridor for the venture, which, once the work is completed, will be at the service of all users.

From the placement of the cyclone fence around the perimeter, to the reinforcement of chairs, benches and demarcation of spaces, Cachamay Park aims to rebirth its essence.

Governor Ángel Marcano reported, during an inspection tour of the work, that Cachamay Park, during the pandemic, was attacked and looted by “individuals without morals and criminals”, so the rehabilitation of the park represents “the rebirth of the hope in a generation that grew up with this park.”

The regional authority also pointed out that, although there is a direct connection between the Cachamay park and the Loefling zoo, this first stage of total recovery will be in the park and then it will move on to the animal concentration space, where the animal rescue project already exists. the more than 200 hectares that make up this zoo.

From an aerial view, you can easily see the union of La Llovizna Park, the Loefling Zoo and the Cachamay Park, all of them within the city. This fact has allowed the tourist and sports life of Ciudad Guayana to be totally active.

These spaces, in addition to their vibrant natural energy, have in common the proximity of the Caroní River that runs through them and demonstrates its character with its strong flow full of minerals.
Being located on Guayana Avenue, Cachamay Park is easily accessible, since all public transportation in the city passes through this important road artery and is an easy option for those who do not have a private vehicle and want a different time with their family, partner and even to be alone.

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