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Bolivarians received Maduro with celebration and calypso

The National President toured the Vista Hermosa and La Sabanita parishes of Ciudad Bolívar

Housewives, social movements, CLAP, UBCh and communes came out to meet President Nicolás Maduro, who toured all the streets of the capital of the entity, with slogans, banners and to the rhythm of the traditional calypso.

Maduro, moved by the popular caravan, visited the recently reopened Sucre bridge of the La Sabanita parish in the entity, where he confirmed the work carried out on the aforementioned work that will connect the Vista Hermosa and La Sabanita parishes, generating mobility and reducing vehicular traffic. .

Two years ago, the inhabitants of Vista Hermosa and La Sabanita lost the bridge that connected them, after heavy rain that caused the land to landslide.

Once the tour with the people was completed, the national leader moved to CVG Cabelum, where he shared with the Working Class in their weekly national production day.

Productive innovation

Once the national productive activity had begun, Néstor Díaz, president of CVG Cabelum, explained that the company's working class, determined to consolidate the socialist productive model, created a wire with particular characteristics that will be used to weld major works in the country. .

The new creation, with a completely Venezuelan seal, will serve as PDVSA's main tool for drilling in oil wells and at Corpoelec for transmission lines, an element that has been imported into the country for more than 50 years.

Díaz explained that CVG Cabelum, thanks to the signing of new national agreements, will increase its operational capacity to 70% in the coming months.

“With this new productive stage we will be able to establish two production lines, which will promote an entire development chain that will affect the growth of the region and the country,” Díaz commented.

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