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Government manages requests from producers in Barinas

They held a meeting with national government authorities to execute a plan that guarantees production in Barinas

The national government will set up working groups with producers in the state of Barinas, in order to meet their needs and thus guarantee food sovereignty.

Small, medium and large producers from the Llanera entity held a meeting that was led by Jacqueline Faria; regional political liaison, the commander of Operation Battle Ciudad de Nutrias, GD Lenín Guillermo Herrera Hernández; as well as representatives of different institutions.

During the activity, members of this sector proposed a fuel supply plan, as well as discussed the need to clarify the price of the items and allow financing to strengthen investment in this area.

The union expressed its willingness to work in coordination with the Government, to strengthen the economy and the production of different sectors in the country.

José Antonio Espinoza, member of Asobarinas, highlighted that producers remain firm in the Barin plain.

"Talking about Barinas is talking about a thriving state that produces day after day for the Venezuelan table, which did not pack its bags to leave but stayed to work, we are giving what we want for this country," he expressed.

For his part, Faria stated that by instructions from President Nicolás Maduro, the proposals made are being managed and highlighted the progress they have made with the different sectors and the responses to the 1×10 Good Government plan.

Regarding financing, he reported that they are opening channels to progressively provide, in addition to working with the Ministries of Transportation and Public Works, to improve agricultural roads.

He said that he has already discussed some things with the Minister of Petroleum, Pedro Rafael Tellechea, on the issue of fuel, while the working groups are developed and the response plan is defined.

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