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They delivered five houses in Barinas

A total of 7.968 homes are under execution in the state of Llaneros

The national government, through the Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela (GMVV), granted five homes in Barinitas, Bolívar municipality, Barinas state.

This Thursday, the formal delivery was made to the beneficiary families who did not have their own home during an act led by the organized popular power and the mayor Mayra Jaramillo.

Maidabeth Rincón, head of the Bolívar-Chávez Battle Unit (UBCH), stated that in total there were more than 25 people benefited by government policies in favor of guaranteeing housing projects.

“These families of extreme poverty were prioritized. They lived for many years in ranches that were replaced by decent housing, "she said.

He explained that the houses have three bedrooms, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and porch.

"We thank President Maduro for continuing with these works to fulfill the dreams of hundreds of families throughout the country towards the 5 million homes built in revolution," he declared.

Act of delivery of houses

In the month of May, the GMVV held an act to deliver houses, through self-construction, in the Nueva Barinas urbanism, Rómulo Betancourt parish, capital municipality, where 222 families live.

Alix Moreno, one of the beneficiaries, expressed her gratitude. “I thank the Revolution that allowed us to have decent housing through the self-construction modality, which we will pay in easy installments.”

Importance of self-construction

The Minister of People's Power for Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel, highlighted the importance of self-construction projects to reach the milestone of five million housing solutions delivered by the government.

"It has been the organized people, who with 70% self-construction have consolidated the housing projects, guided by the leadership of President Nicolás Maduro Moros: The GMVV is inexorably going to 5 million homes," Villarroel declared during the celebration of the 11 years of the GMVV.


Since GMVV began in 2011, a total of 71.693 houses have been delivered in the state of Barinas.

This year's goal is the construction of more than 14 homes, of which some 7.968 are already under construction.

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