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85 doses of anticovid booster vaccines arrive in Barinas

The fourth dose is applied in the 320 authorized points in the state of Barinas.

The Ministry of Popular Power for Health sent a batch of 85 thousand doses of Verocell vaccines to the state of Barinas to reinforce the National Vaccination Plan against covid-19.

Angela Torres, regional director of health in the plains entity, reported that the shipment was distributed in the entity to guarantee the application of the fourth dose of the scheme established in the country.

He specified that 320 vaccination points are maintained throughout the Barinas territory to serve the population and reiterated the commitment of the national government and all health personnel who are deployed in the days to guarantee access to free vaccination.

He stressed that they will intensify actions with the Educational Zone to specify the immunization of children and adolescents who have not yet received any dose and thus also guarantee a safe return to the classroom in the new school year.

“The vaccination of our children is very important, there is an index of representatives who have not vaccinated their children, which is why the work plan is being reinforced, making known the effectiveness of the vaccine and the relevance of the application for minimize the effects of the disease.

He urged the community not to relax preventive measures, since there has been an increase in covid cases: “The use of face masks and constant hand washing must be maintained. There are many people who go out on the street without masks. We have patients confined to the Luis Razetti hospital and the Materno Infantil Dr. Samuel Darío Maldonado due to covid”, he expressed.

National government guarantees free doses against covid

More than 90% of the population in the state of Barinas has been vaccinated against covid-19 according to the statistics handled by the authorities.

Torres reported that the immunization goal has been met in the inhabitants of the plains entity in terms of the first anti-covid dose.

He mentioned that the work has been intensified with the different institutions to encourage, inform and make the population aware of the importance of complying with the booster doses.

“The national government guarantees free vaccines against covid to the entire population, from the age of two. The call is to the community so that the reinforcement doses are placed when they correspond, »he declared.

Bricomiles will rehabilitate 25 centers

On the other hand, he stressed that the Community Military Brigades (Bricomiles) of Health will begin the rehabilitation of 25 centers that were prioritized in the plan to improve care facilities, instructed by the national government.

Torres added that the materials were sent to start the work of the first phase of the project, in which the popular power, militia, workers, communities and PSUV teams participate.

He explained that the plan includes the rehabilitation of 504 popular clinics, seven hospitals, 17 CDI, two maternal and child and 17 Comprehensive rehabilitation rooms.

He reiterated the commitment to guarantee better health areas and explained that priority will be given to reports made through the VenApp application, focused on compliance with the 1×10 Good Governance plan.

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