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House-to-house vaccination resumes in Nueva Esparta

#NuevaEsparta The objective is to position the state with one hundred percent of immunized inhabitants

720 families of El Palito assisted in social day

#NuevaEsparta More than 20 institutions provided comprehensive care through the Love in Action Plan to the victims of the Economic War

They undertake rehabilitation of the Nueva Esparta nursing home

#NuevaEsparta They will remodel the dentistry and nursing areas, as well as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms

They beautify the entrance of La Asunción

#NuevaEsparta Misión Venezuela Bella in conjunction with the mayor's office carries out rehabilitation work on streets and house facades

They invite neoespartanas to join the Women's Congress

#NuevaEsparta They activate points in the 11 municipalities for women to register