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They deliver a renovated field to the community of Aricagua in Nueva Esparta

#NuevaEsparta The court was also expanded with a multipurpose room with air conditioning, a broadcast booth, bathrooms and a canteen.

The 18th World Poetry Festival begins in Nueva Esparta

#NuevaEsparta Throughout the week there will be poetry recitals and conversations in tribute to Leonardo Ruiz Tirado in different communities

In Nueva Esparta they deliver school kits through the 1×10 of Good Government

#NuevaEsparta More than 760 Basic Education students from five educational institutions benefited

In Nueva Esparta they treat patients with a 1×10 surgical shift

#NuevaEsparta Among the operations performed in four healthcare centers, there are pediatric surgeries, hernias and hysterectomies

Hurricane Beryl left no damage in Nueva Esparta

#NuevaEsparta Island population resumes its daily activities due to the normality of the state