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Bricomiles have recovered more than 300 school institutions in Trujillo

#Trujillo During the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school year, a total of 331 school institutions have been rehabilitated

Everything ready for the Mostacho Fest Bachiller Trujillo 2024

#Trujillo It is estimated that more than 7 thousand young people will enjoy the presentation of Gustavo Elis, Trainer, Kobi Cantillo, Víctor Drija, among other artists

They provide uniforms and supplies to the Trujillo Police Corps

The dining room and a recreation space were inaugurated at the headquarters of the State Police Corps #Trujillo

Heavy rains flooded streets and some homes in Sabana de Mendoza

#Trujillo Civil Protection Officials and Firefighters were deployed in the Bolívar, Sucre and Miranda municipalities of the state

Recovery and beautification of the JGH Hospital in Trujillo advances

#Trujillo Las Bricomiles carry out painting, lighting, general repairs and landscaping in various areas of the hospital