Mayerlin Gonzalez

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Delivery of vehicles to Polimaracaibo

#Zulia 10 high-capacity motorcycles and 50 bicycles are part of Plan Maracaibo 365 to reinforce the 21 security quadrants

Activate census nodes for indigenous population in Zulia

#Zulia In the Venancio Pulgar and Antonio Borjas Romero parishes of the Maracaibo municipality, 10 nodes were activated for indigenous communities

They will activate the 2022 Social Offensive Plan in Zulia

#Zulia The objective is to apply the plans for social policies, infrastructure and public services for the benefit of the community

They provide uniforms and backpacks to schools in the Mara municipality

#Zulia More than 500 school kits were delivered to two schools of indigenous communities in the jurisdiction

They promote planting in educational establishments in Zulia

#Zulia More than 100 species of medicinal and fruit plants will be planted in the educational schools of the 21 municipalities