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Deliver aid to those affected by rains in San Francisco

#Zulia Mayor's Office of the jurisdiction carries out cleaning and removal of solid waste as a preventive measure

"My Clap is Productive" will promote social programs in Zulia

#Zulia They will identify the most appropriate production experiences in the region to promote them and reinforce other social plans

Constant monitoring after heavy rains in Zulia

#Zulia One deceased and dozens of affected families have been left behind by heavy rainfall in the region in recent hours

Zulia hospitals active with National Surgical Plan

#Zulia The plan allowed 35 surgeries to be carried out including cataracts, hernias and gallbladders

Delivery of vehicles to Polimaracaibo

#Zulia 10 high-capacity motorcycles and 50 bicycles are part of Plan Maracaibo 365 to reinforce the 21 security quadrants