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Monagas will host the Oil Tourism and Gas Expo

#Monagas The Expo Petróleo Turismo y Gas will be held during the month of May in the eastern entity

Monagas also has its drizzle in the Acosta municipality

#Monagas This destination offers adventure with the practice of canyoning or descent through the waterfall La Llovizna or Pozo Santa

In Monagas, a concentration of the PSUV supports the fight against corruption

#Monagas The 13 municipalities of the state held a concentration of support for the policies of President Nicolás Maduro

In Monagas they will create 19 community pharmacies

#Monagas Patients with chronic diseases will be favored with the free delivery of medicines

They assisted indigenous communities with social days in Monagas

#Monagas 857 infants were approached with a comprehensive medical day for the day of the indigenous boy and girl