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They will resume the Tourism Fair of La Guaira

They seek to position #LaGuaira as a brand and obtain financing for hospitality and recreation projects

Installed Parliamentary General Staff in La Guaira

#LaGuaira Deputies of the National Assembly evaluate legislative progress on issues such as entrepreneurship, tourism and youth

Guaireños join the sanitation of beaches and spas

#La Guaira Around 900 kg of solid waste is collected per sanitation day on beaches between plastic, cardboard, weeds and others

They reveal vestiges of the Walled City in La Guaira

#LaGuaira Archaeological excavation is carried out to reveal vaults and remains in the spaces occupied by Plaza Miranda in La Guaira

Guaireños protect nesting turtles in Naiguatá

#LaGuaira To date, about 700 turtle eggs have been registered, in more than four nests located in the Naiguatá and Caruao parishes