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Young people from Falcón are trained in productive areas

#Falcón El Inces has as an assigned goal for the entity to train 10.635 future high school graduates in different areas

Falcón: There will be a new health clinic in Santa Ana

#Falcón They will carry out minor repairs to the infrastructure of the current health center while the new one is being built

Plan Zero Starts Sewage Boats in Falcón

#Falcón The total project includes the replacement of five thousand meters of sewage pipe in the city of Punto Fijo

Environmental management will be reorganized in Falcón

#Falcón The Secretary of the Environment of Falcón held a meeting with the municipal offices to establish a work route

Certify Communal Councils in Falcón

#Falcón Ministry of Communes finalized the formalization process of 51 organizations and others are in the process of training