Jesus Inojosa

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Ramos Allup was part of the Spanish plot to attack Podemos

Spanish media promoted the image of Ramos Allup to give veracity to the accusations against Pablo Iglesias

A year after the conflict in Ukraine, is a nuclear escalation possible?

Tensions between Russia and the US are seen as the threat of a possible conflict between nuclear powers

Sabotage to the Nord Stream: between US denials and the silence of Europe

Russia convened the Security Council to assess evidence implicating the US in the sabotage of the Nord Stream

UFOs: Spy Teams, Aliens, or Just Floating Junk?

Detractors maintain that an attempt was made to hide the tragedy in Ohio and the role of the United States in the blowing up of the Nord Stream

Cabello: there will be no opposition primaries, they announce it to gain time

The psuvista leader criticized the fact that the opposition leadership refuses to open the field to new leaders