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FANB had a confrontation with members of the GEDO “El Antonio”

In the confrontation in Valle de La Pascua, they seized two firearms that were requested, as well as rifle and FAL ammunition.

Castillo: Ultra-right changes narrative to call the streets 28J

The Vice Minister indicated that the change in narrative aims to say that the numbers that supposedly gave a great advantage in votes to the extreme right have been reduced.

William Castillo: they are preparing a disinformation operation for 28J

The Vice Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies warned that infomercenaries will carry out a large operation, which is why he invited a communication battle

Rodríguez: Far-right plan privatizes education, health and pensions

Jorge Rodríguez pointed out that the far-right government plan, titled and written in English, was presented to "their gringo masters" before being shown to Venezuelans.

This Monday night the passage through the El Pulpo distributor will be restricted

The Ministry of Transportation reported that the closure of the distributor responds to maintenance work that will be carried out on the Central Regional Highway