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Maduro: If the US wants oil, it must pay for it at the market price

The head of state repudiated Francisco Palmieri's recent statements where he "expresses himself as if Venezuela belonged to the gringos."

Maduro ordered to solve access to gasoline in Barinas

He demanded the presence of Minister Tellechea to solve the fuel problems in the entity

President orders the recovery of streets and avenues of Barinas

The National President committed to the complete rehabilitation of the Sabaneta Hospital

Maduro delivers the “Ramón Reinoso Núñez” Educational Unit in Barinas

President Maduro also delivered the rehabilitated 22 towers in sector A of the Ciudad Tavacare housing complex

Maduro reactivated the construction of the third bridge over the Orinoco

The head of state explained that the bridge covers 11 kilometers between Guárico and Bolívar