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Faults in gates of the El Cigarrón reservoir in Zaraza are repaired

#Guárico The works were carried out at a depth of more than 17 meters

Immediate Justice reviewed 200 criminal cases in Guárico

#Guárico They will provide speed and evaluate who corresponds to conditional suspension of the sentence

Drinking water well reactivated in Camaguán

#Guárico More than 750 families in the Rómulo Gallegos community now have the vital liquid through pipes

Mobile Gas Plant serves families from Roscio in Guárico 

#Guárico They carry out saturation days with which they have attended more than 9.500 families of Roscio

The rice harvest in Guárico advances by more than 50%

#Guárico They foresee that the production yield will exceed 200 million kilograms of cereal