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Women's Congress closes with the greatest receptivity in Apure

#Apure More than 48 women's organizations participated in the Congress that seeks to vindicate the female gender through proposals and actions

In Apure they hold an exhibition in honor of José Gregorio Hernández

#Apure The exhibition was attended by 28 exhibitors from the state of Aragua and Apure

Congress of Public Services in Apure focused on roads

#Apure Sectoral Vice President, Néstor Reverol announced the road recovery plan in Apure at the Congress of Public Services

General Staff of Public Services was installed in Apure

#Apure Governor Eduardo Piñate reported that for this period 13 service projects are financed for an amount of 2.145.902 bolívares

Flood prevention plan activated in Apure

#Apure Canalization and dike work has been carried out in several parishes