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Rush: 6 patients treated in 200 surgical days

#Apure Eduardo Piñate offered balance in health, production, roads and food during the last six months of his government

Conversation held on foot-and-mouth disease in Apure

#Apure The Vaccination Plan for the Eradication of Foot-and-Mouth Fever was carried out in order to immunize 100% of the animals

Apure celebrated the patron saint's day San Fernando

#Apure For this May 30, the Educational Zone of the capital city organized cultural activities in honor of its patron

Women's Congress closes with the greatest receptivity in Apure

#Apure More than 48 women's organizations participated in the Congress that seeks to vindicate the female gender through proposals and actions

In Apure they hold an exhibition in honor of José Gregorio Hernández

#Apure The exhibition was attended by 28 exhibitors from the state of Aragua and Apure