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Flood of the Guachizón river generated floods in Mérida

#Mérida The municipality of Obispo Ramos de Lora was the most affected by the flooding of the Guachizón River as a result of the rains

More than 30 homes affected by blizzard in Mérida

#Mérida In Tovar, 250 sheets will be delivered to repair roofs destroyed by heavy rains

Hurricane winds and rains left severe damage in Tovar, Mérida

#Mérida Nine sectors of the Tovar municipality were affected by torrential downpours

Affected by the rains inhabitants of the Jacinto Plaza parish in Mérida

#Mérida With the total loss of 4 homes, several houses flooded and 26 families evicted in the Jacinto Plaza parish

In Mérida they damage more than 7 thousand meters of the Páramo

#Mérida It is estimated that the damage covers more than 7 thousand square meters of the Las Cruces páramo, in the Sierra La Culata Park