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Maternity ward inaugurated in San Mateo in Aragua

The maternity ward has the capacity to attend an average of 40 deliveries per month

This Friday the first maternity ward located in the José Rafael Villamizar González outpatient clinic in the Aragonese town of San Mateo was inaugurated, an activity led by the governor karina carpio; the Minister of Popular Power for Health, Magaly Gutiérrez; and the Sole Health Authority in Aragua, Shirley Hernández.

It is the first maternity ward to be inaugurated in 60 years, which has a modern structure, which has a waiting room with a reception, two medical offices, a control and supply area, a pre-delivery room, a neonatal care, nursing area, postpartum room, delivery room to care for two parturients, which have a crib and incubator, a filter room area, medical room, slaughter area, in addition to having a control system against fire. 

Maternity ward inaugurated

Likewise, the space has a transfer incubator, a cot fence, 6 clinical beds, 3 gynecological beds, 2 delivery beds, ultrasound, vacuum cleaner and everything necessary to attend a natural birth.

"This is a space that is loaded with dreams and hopes. Entering these spaces is that rebirth and new dimension, since here we will attend low-complexity natural births and we also have our ambulance. All we need is for the women to Control your pregnancies on time”, affirmed the Governor, who highlighted the work of the 18 nurses, 6 specialists and 2 resident doctors who provide their services at the health center.

Maternity ward will attend 40 deliveries per month

For her part, Minister Magaly Gutiérrez indicated that the room has the capacity to attend an average of 40 deliveries per month, ensuring that it is a decent space to attend to mothers and babies of the Bolívar municipality with a first-rate team.

“I am happy and blessed by God for having put me in this place, it has not been easy to achieve all this with the war that they have against Venezuela, but the work has been constant, today we deliver dignified spaces, with first-class attention and equipment to mothers and babies, all this is thanks to President Nicolás Maduro”, commented the Minister.

Sanmateanos will recover their demonym

This was stated by the mayoress Lolimar Montilla, who assured that motherhood represents one of the greatest desires of the San Mateo people: “it is not possible that our women had to give birth in another municipality, adopt another name that was not San Mateo. The day has come when we can say that we have recovered our name, from this moment on all the children born in this beautiful maternity hospital will be Sanmateanos”, she affirmed.


To monitor the progress made in the Aragonese entity in terms of health, the governor Karina Carpio and the Minister of Health toured the facilities of the José María Vargas Hospital, whose operating rooms were reopened several weeks ago, where they were able to verify the work of the staff doctor to guarantee free and quality care to patients.

They also visited the Maracay Psychiatric Clinic, where recovery work is being carried out on its infrastructure, a work that will soon be completed.

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