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HomeAraguaIn Las Tejerías they guarantee the attention of the elderly

In Las Tejerías they guarantee the attention of the elderly

Staff will provide assistance in health, food, recreation and training

To guarantee the care of grandparents in priority areas such as health, food, recreation and training, the mayor's office of the Santos Michelena municipality in Aragüe, installed the General Staff to assist the elderly who reside in vulnerable communities of Las Tejerías.

The mayor of the town located in the eastern axis of Aragua state, Régulo La Cruz, commented that it is an initiative to provide comprehensive care to grandparents through seven lines of work that are: health care, formation of circles of grandparents, recreational activities, attention to vulnerable grandparents, support for productive projects and adaptation of the Casa de los Abuelos, located in the Central District of Las Tejerías.

La Cruz explained that weekly they will have general medicine consultations and in different specialties, which will be accompanied by different tourist, recreational, cultural and sports activities.

Casa de los Abuelos will be renovated

To improve the care offered at the Casa de los Abuelos in the municipality, the president indicated that plans are underway to build an access ramp for people with disabilities, in addition to improvements in the lighting system through the installation of led lamps, improvement of the ventilation system in the kitchen area, remodeling of the bathrooms, repair of air conditioners and painting of the various areas.

"We are sealing a commitment with our people, which I am sure we are going to materialize," emphasized the mayor.

Social Cabinet in attention to the elderly

Likewise, the mayor's office of Las Tejerías is deployed with the creation of the Social Cabinet in the different communities, attending this week to the inhabitants of the Tiara parish, with the participation of all the directions of the local Executive, the UBCh of the area and the director Regional INTI, Ángel Jaramillo. "We have deployed the Social Street Cabinet, through a wonderful day that strengthens the commitment that we have assumed based on the well-being of our people," said La Cruz, who also carried out the delivery of technical aids to residents of the parish , with special emphasis on care plans for grandparents.

They will recover ambulatory and church in Tiara

The mayor of Las Tejerías announced that rehabilitation work will soon begin in the ambulatory and the church of Tiara, guaranteeing the dignity of these spaces.

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