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HomeAraguaIn Maracay they have solved more than 500 cases through the 1x10 

In Maracay they have solved more than 500 cases through the 1×10 

In the city of Maracay, they attend to cases from the health areas, public services through the 1x10

At least 500 cases related to the provision of public services have been resolved in the city of Maracay, which have been channeled through the 1×10 system of Good Government, a tool that has already completed its first year of application offering solutions to the community .

The information was offered by the mayor Rafael Morales, who highlighted the importance of the technological tool that has made it possible to reach a more direct approach with the maracayeros, giving a timely response to their requests.

"We have the duty and commitment to go to the site to stir up the issue in the different areas that require attention, giving the boost and promotion to this strategy," said the president.

They attend health cases and services

One of the most requested requirements through the 1×10 has to do with health care, for which the municipal executive advances an action plan with which the rehabilitation of the Barrio Adentro module located in the neighborhood was completed. El Carmen, where 140 linear meters of collectors were also replaced.

Another important point is the different health cases that are channeled by the Institute of Social Management, who are directly in charge of channeling the registry in social matters, with the accompaniment of the People's Power, giving priority to the most vulnerable cases.

Morales indicated that between 6 and 8 collector points are serviced weekly, noting that one of the largest works was carried out in the La Maracaya sector, of the Joaquín Crespo Parish, where 500 linear meters of pipes will be replaced in 4 points of this community, responding to the report described by the VenApp.

Another point of attention through the 1×10 is public lighting, with the establishment of lights and placement of light bulbs in different communities, highlighting actions in Joaquín Crespo, Los Tacarigua, Las Delicias, Pedro José Ovalles and finally the parish of Choroni.

Potable water canisters have also been repaired in areas such as the main avenue of El Castaño, Montaña Fresca Urbanization, Rio Blanco and the Cooperative.

Rain preventive plan 

Mayor Morales explained that the preventive rain plan that is being carried out in the municipality, has allowed to provide protection to the inhabitants of the risk zone in the South axis, and also to the north of El Castaño.

Morales pointed out that they are constantly monitored through the Good Government's 1×10 Situation Room, with the deployment of machinery and crews to carry out cleanups and dredging of rivers, streams and torrents. 

He added that they are also working on the construction of the sewage treatment plant at the pumping station Madre Vieja 2 and Rio Blanco II, with which they hope to complete the entire southern axis.

"We have activated the third pump for the pumping station of Aguacatal and Los Cocos, in terms of machinery we have Jumbo and Payloder type units working in the Madre Vieja River, in the La Lagunita canal and in Rio Blanco, while in Aguacatal it is operating a little shower”. Morales indicated.


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