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Women's Congress closes with the greatest receptivity in Apure

More than 48 women's organizations participated in the Congress that seeks to vindicate the female gender through proposals and actions

With the presence of more than 48 women's organizations, the Venezuelan Congress of Women, Apure chapter, was closed from the vicinity of the Casa de la Cultura Rómulo Gallegos in the municipality of San Fernando, after holding sectoral, municipal and parish assemblies of the women's movement of the state; in which hundreds of proposals emerged.

This meeting and debate space that travels the country is to recognize women as a source of resistance, struggle, organization and leadership; and seeks to place in the center, the rights and duties of Venezuelan women, and the construction of a concrete agenda of feminist politics.

«We have seen women today full of enthusiasm and revolutionary commitment, of feminist sorority and socialist and Bolivarian fervour, we close the Apure chapter of this important national Congress that, without a doubt, will result in the strengthening of the movement and the revolution," said Governor Eduardo Piñate.

Piñate was accompanied by the first lady Elizabeth de Piñate, the sole health authority, Dr. Darling Marín, the Regional Director of the Ministry of Women Leisa Lugo and the Deputy to the National Assembly Melitza Orellana.

Likewise, the feminist governor invited them to work together in the fight against gender violence, among other things he stressed "it is not enough to have their rights in the constitution and a law for women to live free of violence, from here he urged the women heads of Ubch, CLAP, Communal Councils to unite against femicides, it is street work, union work”, at the same time that she asked “we must all be united for the construction of Apure Grande Prospero and Productive”.

"I was also able to see in this important congress, that they stood out with emotional speeches by our beautiful women leaders with a view to asserting women's rights," the regional authority said.

For her part, in her speech, fellow deputy Melitza Orellana spoke about imperial, patriarchal violence and also about the violence that the Tancol groups want to impose in this region and in the territories where peace has been cultivated.

Orellana also stressed that "Venezuela is the country with the greatest gender equality thanks to the revolutionary government, and that the women's movement in Apure has the great challenge of advancing an agenda that eradicates gender violence."

"Without feminism there is no socialism," the deputy recalled the phrase that Commander Chavez said on different occasions, closing with "our commitment is to continue working together to build a more just and participatory society," said Orellana.

Leisa Lugo, regional director of the Ministry of Women in the Apureña entity, reported that "the leaders of the 7 municipalities that make up this region participated massively, involving each sector such as health, entrepreneurs, education, producers, workers, students, athletes and many more, in order to raise proposals that will allow improving public policies in matters of justice, equity and gender equality in attention to women and will be presented to the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro in the upcoming National Congress of Women ».

Lugo asserted that a few days ago a fellow fighter Jani Lobo, 50 years old, a resident of the Biruaca municipality, was murdered by her partner "we want our voices to be heard in these meetings to put a stop to these unfortunate events that endanger the lives of our women, demand respect and, above all, justice for femicides.”

The representative for the entrepreneurial movement, Kathleen Jones, an inhabitant of the Achaguas municipality, stated that as a woman she feels proud of achieving so many things with the power of decision, self-confidence and respect for all things "by nature we are creators and we have shown when we have gone through difficult situations and we are capable of creating the best things through our hands, inventiveness and creativity, we are hard workers and we are always willing to take our home forward».

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