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Rush: 6 patients treated in 200 surgical days

Eduardo Piñate offered balance in health, production, roads and food during the last six months of his government

Governor Eduardo Piñate described his health management in Apure state as an "important success" when offering a balance of the last six months of government.

“Care for our people has improved with 92 surgical sessions, with 6.276 patients treated. 8 mobile pharmacies have also been deployed throughout the state,” explained the president.

Regarding the distribution of medicines, he reported that 30.458 medicines have been delivered to various people with different pathologies.

Based on the "Apure, Grande, Prospero y Productivo" Government Plan, the regional president offered a balance of his management, serving all sectors by implementing the 1×10 of Good Government.

Piñate highlighted that through the 2022 Planting Plan, 22 hectares are contemplated for the complete cycle starting from vertex number 2 of the productive Apure, which aims to increase the production of cereals, legumes, tubers and other strategic vegetable items.


To strengthen the productive sector, informed the governor, alliances were made with Pequiven and private producers to carry out agricultural input fairs that have favored some 500 producers from the Biruaca and Achaguas municipalities in this first phase until all the municipalities are covered.

“We are reactivating the Apure-Orinoco river route with an investment of more than 139.500 bolívares in the recovery of 2 of the four tugboats of the state shipping company. We are also establishing agreements with the CVG for the exchange of materials since the fluvial axis has become an important highway for economic development », he highlighted.

Regarding the issue of public services, 670 manholes have been repaired, serving 7984 families in the municipalities of San Fernando, Biruaca and Romulo Gallegos.

In terms of drinking water, a high-impact work was completed with an elevated tank with a capacity of one million liters of drinking water.

This work was carried out through the Federal Government Council with an investment of 1.290.450 bolívares and serves more than 20 communities in the southern neighborhoods of the San Fernando municipality, benefiting 11.595 families for a total of 34.785 people, detailed the regional president. .

Roads in Apure

In these six months, 856 kilometers of agricultural roads have been recovered in 15 sectors distributed in the 7 municipalities.

In addition, the patching plan has been applied with which it is estimated that 2 tons of asphalt will be used in the first stage.

So far, 294.21 tons of asphalt have been applied out of 580 tons planned for the municipalities of Biruaca and San Fernando.

6 months of management by Apure Grande, Prosperous and Productive


The regional president reported that more than 630.800 bags of subsidized food have been distributed throughout the Apure state, serving 1250 Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), favoring 177 families, adding a total of half a million people in the region.

In this sense, 498 tons of protein have been distributed in the Sovereign Field Fairs, serving approximately 150 thousand people.

On the other hand, 12.8 tons of meat protein have been distributed, where 72.180 dishes have been allocated in support of the Pablo Acosta Ortiz hospital, Food Houses and outpatient clinics.

«Another important service where we have dedicated ourselves is in the distribution of gas, distributing in these months the amount of 153.322 of bulk gas to urban developments and direct gas businesses; and with the secretary of community participation, community approaches have been made to more than 500 families, "said Piñate.

As part of the labor demands, the ownership of positions was given to education workers. As well as 1.130 government workers.

Finally, informed the governor, the Housing Staff is deployed in the 7 municipalities of Apure state to survey the needs in this area.

So far there is a goal of 15 houses to be built throughout the state.

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