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Beautify Socialist Training Centers in Apure

These Training Centers serve more than 5 people each year, including young people and adults.

The National Institute for Training and Socialist Education (Inces) began a day of beautification and adaptation of the 4 Socialist Training Centers in the Apureña region. 

These Socialist Training Centers serve more than 5 people each year, including young people and adults from Apureño, through 8 training programs that include productive self-training, a national apprenticeship program, a productive high school, certification and accreditation, the military Inces program, agreements national and international, Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi program and training and self-training, as announced by Daviel Rodríguez, the regional manager of Inces-Apure.

“Several areas with which we work are also covered, such as training centers, work entities, communes, mission systems, penitentiary centers, military installations, educational units and virtual environments,” Rodríguez added.

He also reported that "in this first phase, the Socialist Training Center of the Páez municipality began with the lighting of internal and external areas, painting and repair of environments, low ceilings, conditioning of classrooms and bathrooms."

This activity is in conjunction with the infrastructure workers of the regional management and staff of the Socialist Training Center of the Guasdualito parish, who felt very satisfied with the start of these much-needed rehabilitations.

For his part, the regional manager Daviel Rodríguez affirmed "the adaptations of these centers are taking place within the framework of the promotion of Productive Technical Training with the support of the Presidency of Inces, directed by the Vice Minister and President Wuikelman Angel Paredes, with in order to give continuity to the training processes in the Páez municipality and other municipalities that make up the Apure state.

"For the second phase we will continue with the repair of the air conditioning system, as well as the provision of the computer laboratory," explained Rodríguez.

"This work will be carried out gradually in the 4 socialist training centers at the regional level, located in the Biruaca municipality, Páez municipality and two in the capital municipality of San Fernando de Apure, with the purpose of providing optimal and adequate spaces for the citizens for their productive training”, stressed the regional authority.

Daviel, referring to the new strategic line of training by producing and producing by training, emphasized that the training centers have installed capacity, but above all with the human talent that can allow the institution to produce from the training.

Daviel added that the idea is to make Inces capable of generating income that benefits the communities and the training center itself, a self-management plan that allows enriching training through doing and contributing to territorial production according to the specific needs of each sector.

“We can also limit that so far this year we have carried out more than 200 productive training throughout the region, as well as 100 Apprentices in training, to this is added more than 165 Bachelors in Process and 5000 Accreditations to date”, reported Rodríguez .

He stressed that these activities comply with the guidelines of the INCES president, Wuikelman Angel Paredes, as well as the Single Regional Education Authority, Marys Orasma, and the Governor of Apure, Germán Eduardo Piñate, working for the great, prosperous and productive Apure.

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