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Congress of Public Services in Apure focused on roads

The Sectoral Vice President, Néstor Reverol, announced the road recovery plan in Apure in the Congress of Public Services

In order to advance in the georeferencing of public services in the country, it was developed from the state Apure the National Congress of Public Services led by G/J Néstor Reverol, sectoral vice president of Public Services, where he emphasized the execution of the sustained plan for the recovery of roads in the plains entity.

The sectoral vice-president of Public Works and Services, Néstor Reverol, announced in the National Congress of Public Services the execution of the sustained plan for the recovery of roads in Apure state.

“We are putting together a repair plan for the trunks and main roads of this state between Public Works, the government and the Ministry of Transportation, and also a regional patching plan that is being done with the Venezuela Bella Mission and with all the agencies interacting. as a single work team”, detailed Reverol.

Said activity was carried out at the headquarters of the regional House of Culture of the capital municipality, with the participation of a third of the executive cabinet of the national government that makes up the sectoral vice-presidency of Public Works and Services, deputies of the National Assembly that make up the Permanent Commission of Administration and Services, Governor Eduardo Piñate, regional legislators, regional executive cabinet, mayor and mayors, representatives of national institutions and organized popular power.

The national authority committed itself to the population to achieve the effectiveness, stability, and maintenance of basic services with immediate actions and high-impact, low-cost, and short-time ABC projects.

Public services advance

In this way, the sectoral vice president of Public Services highlighted that among the early victories for this Apure region is the start-up of 2 submersible equipment for capturing water from the Apure River, as well as the sustained plan for the dredging of the Arauca and Apure rivers to avoid the floods that occur in the rainy season.

At the same time, he referred to the Activation of the National Waterway Plan with 2 boats, since in this region they mostly move by the river.

Reverol also reported on the issue of the transportation sector, the creation of new intercity routes for the Achaguas municipality, as well as the inauguration of the Transporter's Store.

It is expected that among the agreements, a thousand new cylinders will be delivered to the gas distribution company and improvement in the gas distribution cycle, to benefit the communities.

In this same order of ideas, the recovery of compactor trucks, landfill sanitation and landfills was agreed, as well as the installation of 2200 services for homes, public and private companies by the Cantv company.

Another project that G/J Néstor Reverol highlighted was the rehabilitation of schools with Barrio Nuevo, Barrio Tricolor and the important rehabilitation of 10 sports fields distributed throughout the state.

Minister Reverol noted that "in this debate of ideas, which encompasses the needs of the people, you should know that you have our support, since on the issue of public services we set aside politicking and enter the formation of public policies for the benefit of the people, that is why the projects that you present today hand in hand with your mayors will be approved”, he indicated.

For his part, the state governor, Eduardo Piñate, said that "we have held a debate on the critical nodes, advances and challenges that we have, we have built the map of problems and the map of solutions, we leave here with a set of plans, programs, projects, and concrete actions to forcefully face the problem of public services in Apure”, referring to what President Nicolás Maduro has already said: “2022 is the year to attend to and solve the serious problem of public services. public at the national level.

Piñate also added "we want to be receptive to this Congress, which will be a fundamental milestone to advance in the care of our people in terms of public services."

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