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They grant financing to 212 entrepreneurs from Apure

Entrepreneurs also received training from the Public Bank

Banco de Venezuela granted financing to 212 entrepreneurs and innovators from 7 municipalities in the state of Apure, in support of the commercial activities of the family from Apure.

This financing plan represents a boost to the economic growth of the state and the country, since through it the employer's dependency index decreases.

The protocol act was carried out in the facilities of the "José Cornelio Muñoz" meeting room of the regional Executive and was attended by Governor Eduardo Piñate.

They train entrepreneurs

After a full-time week with Banco de Venezuela in the San Fernando municipality, a promoter team was sent to educate and train the entrepreneurs who evaluated the feasibility of each financing.

More than 1000 state entrepreneurs approved the training courses and formalized it with Banco de Venezuela, and 212 of them received financing from this bank.

The direction of the movement of entrepreneurs of the Government of Apure, which organizes and registers the entire workforce in innovative matters, has played a relevant role based on the achievements obtained for each worker.

"The Bank of Venezuela is complying with the lines and guidelines of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, in terms of attention to this very important sector of the population, which has assumed a very valuable responsibility in this era of transition to socialism," said the president. regional president Eduardo Piñate.

On the other hand, the Governor asserted that if there is a sign that distinguishes the new era, one of them is the emergence and strengthening of a great movement of entrepreneurs and workers that exist today in the country, which is the one that must continue to be promoted.

The accreditation of these hundreds of innovators also contribute to the three vertices proposed by the regional Executive of a prosperous and productive Apure Grande, a state of the art of the new Venezuelan non-oil economy.

Beneficiaries go forward

"I am an entrepreneur of an artisan bakery, I carefully followed the steps indicated by the movement of entrepreneurs, I made the link, received the training and today I am receiving my accreditation, thanks to that I will be able to acquire my oven, trays and the raw material to continue undertaking and thus help my community and the people who require it with my business,” said Hernán Díaz, an entrepreneur from the San Fernando municipality.

"We stay here in Apure and in Venezuela to believe in our country and in our state, we are going to be responsible with these credits and thank our Governor and the President for the intention to make entrepreneurs visible," said Rocío Olivares, an entrepreneur from a San Fernando textile company.

Finally, Olivares assured that the beneficiaries of this first credit wave must demonstrate to the future beneficiaries that quality production can be made from our spaces to strengthen the productive apparatus of the nation.


  1. I think it is a very good initiative, but in particular they have asked me to look for samples of my work and they tell me we have to wait…. And then I ask how I can also access that benefit and be able to undertake.

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