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HomeAnzoáteguiUnare project foresees rehabilitation of the historic center of Clarines

Unare project foresees rehabilitation of the historic center of Clarines

The San Antonio de Padua temple and the public library are prioritized

Within the framework of the celebration of the 428 years of Clarines, capital of the Bruzual municipality of the Anzoátegui state, Mayor Ingrid Cortez announced the rehabilitation and beautification of the historic center of the city.

The local president explained that the plan is part of the "Unare 2022-2024" tourism development project proposed by the regional executive and that to start the renovation work, an evaluation team was formed with the support of Barrio Nuevo Tricolor, the Corporation of Roads and Infrastructure of the state and the mayor's office.

Cortez pointed out that the San Antonio de Padua temple and adjacent houses of heritage value, in addition to the public library, will be prioritized in the execution of the project.

The mayor affirmed that the entire Clarines historical heritage polygon will be evaluated, made up of approximately 17 hectares with buildings, houses and colonial roads.

He commented that in the commemoration of the anniversary of the city, the culture and values ​​of the Clarinese are highlighted, in addition to the natural benefits of the area.

Efforts to reactivate Public Services

The official also specified that with the support of the regional government they have made important efforts to reactivate public services, among which she highlighted health and drinking water.

"At the Antonio José Rondón Lugo hospital, its physical infrastructure is recovered and we are working to reactivate the ambulance system, which already has an active unit," added Cortez.

Regarding the supply of drinking water, he pointed out that at the Santa Cara plant, the state government has carried out work to recover the transformer bank and replace aqueduct pipes to improve the process and achieve the independence of the supply system that is maintained with others. municipalities.

While in the Hugo Chávez water treatment plant, located in Clarines, it was determined that more than 70% of its structure is in good condition and the necessary adductions are currently being identified to guarantee its operation.