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Rehabilitated CDI and SRI Cacique Cayaurima of Valle Guanape

More than 23 thousand inhabitants benefit from this work

The Cacique Cayaurima Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) and the Alí Lameda Comprehensive Rehabilitation Room (SRI) in the Carvajal municipality, in the Anzoátegui state, were rehabilitated to function in optimal conditions.

In both healthcare centers located in the town of Valle Guanape, restoration and waterproofing work was carried out on the roof, air conditioning, lighting, plumbing, electrical connections and painting, among other tasks.

Governor Luis José Marcano, together with Mayor Franklin Guillén, toured the facilities and announced that this rehabilitation is one more action of the “70 Works for Chávez” plan, designed to honor the seventieth birthday of Commander Hugo Chávez.

“In this stage of recovery, President Nicolás Maduro has directed to prioritize the optimization of the Public Health System and that is what we are doing, moving forward to provide health protection, in a public and quality manner,” indicated the governor.

From these spaces, care is provided to nearly 23 thousand inhabitants of the municipality and has emergency services, general medicine, intensive therapy, x-rays, immunization, as well as rooms for occupational therapy, physiatry, speech therapy, podiatry and teaching classrooms for training of Comprehensive Community Doctors.

“These are works so that our People continue to strengthen their faith in the country, in the Homeland and our revolutionary project, the best years of the country are those that are to come,” said Marcano during the delivery ceremony.

For his part, Mayor Guillén highlighted that the CDI and SRI serve the populations of Guanape in the Bruzual municipality, as well as hamlets surrounding the Pedro Gual municipality in the Miranda state and some in the Guárico state such as Cunaguaro, Congorocho, Las Aguaditas and San José de Guaribe.

He highlighted that items necessary for medical assistance were also delivered, such as beds and mattresses, as well as medical equipment and supplies.

Other centers intervened

In Onoto, capital of the Cajigal municipality, two other health centers are also being intervened for rehabilitation.

Recovery work is carried out at the CDI and SRI “Rafael Anchieta”.

In these facilities, waterproofing and air conditioning work is carried out, restoration and conditioning of the surface to be painted, installation of electrical connections and lighting, removal of ceramic floors, installation of doors and replacement of sanitary parts.

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