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Guanta commemorated the centenary of the Virgin of the Forsaken

The patron saint of Guanteños was crowned to go out in procession and reunite with her people

In the Guanta municipality, a coastal municipality in the Anzoátegui state, they commemorated this Friday, May 31, the centenary of the appearance of the Virgin Mary Queen of the Helpless, declared patron saint of the Guanteño people.

From the Francisco de Miranda promenade, Governor Luis José Marcano and Mayor Natali Bello accompanied the people of Guantán and the religious authorities in the religious activities.

Hundreds of faithful celebrated and honored the appearance of the Marian dedication to the “Indio Curapiaca”, an event that occurred under a small stone in the Peñas Negras sector, which is currently known as La Redoma de Guanta.

During the mass, the liturgical act of the coronation of the Virgin was also carried out, which highlights Marian devotion, in which the mayor and the regional president were part of the investiture.

Likewise, girls and boys from the Guanta municipality received the body of Christ for the first time, through the sacrament of communion, as part of the celebration of the Catholic faith.

Devotees of María Reina thanked the protector of the town for favors and thanked the mayor for the organization of the religious festival that is part of their cultural heritage.

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