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HomeAnzoáteguiThey rehabilitated the ICU of the Luis Razetti hospital in Barcelona

They rehabilitated the ICU of the Luis Razetti hospital in Barcelona

In 2022, nearly 6 million bolivars have been invested in the university hospital

This Thursday, the Intensive Care Unit of the Dr. Luis Razetti university hospital in Barcelona was rehabilitated, after being recovered by the Anzoátegui state government.

The governor Luis José Marcano, accompanied by the health authorities and the hospital complex, and the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Sugey Herrera, reported that the recovered area is on the 4th floor of the enclosure where the space with capacity for six new quotas has been enabled. , which will make it possible to provide better, higher quality care for the population that needs this care center.

The regional president explained that with the reactivation of that unit, other patients who are being treated in other spaces of the university, who also require surgery, will be able to be relocated.

Marcano explained that they will also serve the therapy waiting room area, undergraduate area; where students from the Universidad de Oriente (UDO) receive classes, as well as the access areas to elevators and stairs, all arranged on the same 4th floor.

"This effort, this work is added to a set of tasks that we have been carrying out during this year 2022 at the Luis Razetti hospital, in different areas, the children's area, in the delivery room, in the emergency area, among others, fully aware that the deterioration accumulated in this infrastructure is very high”, stated Marcano.

He recognized that there are many things to be done to raise the hospital - the most important in eastern Venezuela - to "the dignified conditions that the population of Anzoátegui state and other states that are also treated in this hospital deserve."

Endowed unit quotas

The medical director of the Intensive Care Unit, Jacobo Mora, specified that in each of the enabled beds there are multiparameter monitors, mechanical ventilators, infusion pumps, ventilators for assisted breathing, monitors for breathing and heart rate, oximeters and equipment. suction, in addition to all the optimal physical conditions for patient care.

Mora indicated that the unit has eight specialists and five resident doctors with the support of 40 nurses, who now see improved capacity to care for the population.  

The improvements necessary for the reactivation of the hospital

The Governor's Highway and Infrastructure Corporation (Covinea) managed to recover the therapy room in three weeks after being out of service for a year.

Among the works carried out, the air conditioning with the rehabilitation and maintenance of three air units of 5 tons each, intervention of ceilings and walls (disinfection, washing, lining, plastering and painting), maintenance of the drainage system, intervention of water drinking water and wastewater discharges, maintenance of medical equipment and oxygen intakes, lighting and improvements in sanitary rooms and kitchen.

A million dollars in the university hospital

In order to optimize health care, the regional president mentioned that during this year 2022, one million dollars (about 6 million bolívares) have been invested in infrastructure, equipment and supplies for the Luis Razetti hospital complex.

“We continue to work in this intensive care area, of course, on the 5th floor, which is also the operating room area. We have a work route and in the coming weeks we must complete a task that we set ourselves at the beginning of the year and that is to leave zero leaks in the health infrastructure of our state of Anzoátegui”, stated Marcano.

In his statement to the media, he stressed that they have a debt to improve the children's hospital in repowering everything related to the oncology area (the oncology hospital) and others to be done.

He announced that this week at the Felipe Guevara Rojas hospital in the city of El Tigre, the emergency area will be rehabilitated.

They continue to eradicate perverse practices

Regarding the investigations that are being carried out on some medical professionals and other workers at the facility: "for alleged deviations of supplies and other absolutely illegal practices", Governor Luis José Marcano confirmed that with conviction and a firm determination they are reducing "perverse practices" that have been presented at the university in Barcelona.

Likewise, he asserted that since he assumed the reins of the executive "they have been as respectful as possible, first of all the dignity, of the human condition of every person, particularly of those who work in the hospital, but with the greatest coherence and respect for all, the irregularities that unfortunately have occurred in the hospital are being addressed”.

Marcano confirmed that it is developed permanently in a joint effort and with a willingness to review everything and investigate the facts. “We have found a number of things that are publicly known, others that are the exclusive knowledge of state security agencies, of police agencies, of course there have been interrogations of people and they have taken people out so that they can explain some of those things that we have found," he said.

He clarified that action against illegal acts does not imply an attitude or willingness to harm hospital staff and ratified "deep admiration for each doctor, each nurse, and all the personnel who have served in this hospital, because we know who has been working in adverse conditions and despite those conditions, has been there, serving the population”.

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