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Barcelona fervently celebrates the feast of Saint John the Baptist

Brotherhoods are organized to commemorate the traditional festival

Faithful from Barcelona gathered this Monday, June 24, to fervently celebrate the festival of Saint John the Baptist, a tradition that has been kept alive in the town for 18 years.

The celebration began with a solemn mass in the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church, from where the image of the saint traveled in a procession through the surrounding streets, passing through Plaza Libertadores and returning to Plaza Rolando, where joy, dancing and celebration overflowed. I sing to the rhythm of drums and dances.

Carmen Lagonell, renowned plastic artist, cultural heritage of the state and organizer of the Brotherhood of the Hermitage of Carmen, commented that the tradition of San Juan in Barcelona has been growing over the years, incorporating not only devotees of the saint, but also also to the cultural movement of the city.

“Every year more brotherhoods, drummers, sanjuaneros and the community in general join,” said Lagonell enthusiastically, who was excited to be able to be part of this festivity year after year.

The mass in the Ermita del Carmen, the procession and the gathering of dances and drums are essential elements of this tradition that attracts more and more people. “Every day the number of devotees increases,” said Lagonell.

The favors asked of Saint John the Baptist are diverse, from hair growth and success in love, to health, family well-being and progress in business. “The parents ask Saint John to change the lives of his children, to straighten them out…” commented the cultist.

As part of the traditions of this day, houses are cleaned with incense and women take the opportunity to cut their hair.

This year, the celebration featured the outstanding participation of the dance groups Star Family, Juana La Avanzadora, Ardillas de Boyacá, Danzas Urbaneja, Núcleo cultural 29 de Marzo and Danzas 4F 92, who filled the streets of Barcelona with color and joy.

The festival of Saint John the Baptist is a living expression of the faith and popular culture of Barcelona, ​​a tradition that is strengthened with the passage of time and the active participation of the community.

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