Sheryl Rubio shows the possible pints she will use at her wedding

sheryl blond
Photo: courtesy IG @sherylrubior

Venezuelan actress Sheryl Rubio counts the days, minutes and seconds to join in ecclesiastical marriage with her gringo, Dr. Lucas Shapiro, but she is still in the middle of the preparations for the long-awaited date.

The actress of “La casa de las flores” (Netflix) shared with her followers on the social network Instagram that she has not yet chosen the dress she will wear to finish joining her life with that of the dentist, who is known on social networks as Shaps Wade; For this reason, he wrapped himself in a couple of models to see what opinion he received from his followers.

Sheryl, who held her civil liaison in October 2020, commented that “the ShapiRubio wedding is getting closer and I'm getting more and more nervous. Even though we are already married, the big celebrations make me very anxious. We are going to have a very peculiar wedding and I can't wait to start uploading videos to my channel to take you on the path of what the whole process is to make the wedding of your dreams! I got the dresses that I will wear in @demetriosbride and the truth is that the new collection for 2022 is about princesses ”.

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